Customer Avatar: who is your ideal customer?

The scriptwriter’s job is very challenging. Wonder why?? Look at the IMDb top movies list of all time. The Shawshank Redemption, The Godfather, The Dark Knight…It’s a long list. However, what is interesting to note is that the central theme(read: content) of these great movies has always been one of the major factors in their success. Analyze it a bit more, and it will reveal that the detailing of various characters/roles were written so well by the scriptwriter, that it is an instant hit with the most audience. In short, the different avatars (AKA characters) did the trick. As an organization or as an entrepreneur, how do we use this point to do better business or provide blockbuster products and services to customers? The answer lies in discovering the accurate Customer Avatar for your business!

“Avatar” is a Sanskrit word which means “Descent”. In the age of technology, it has developed into another sense — Image that a person chooses for “manifestation” in an electronic medium. To capture market share, you need to identify your target customers. One way the businesses explore their target audience is by coming up with an ideal customer avatar.

What makes the Customer Avatar so important?
A customer avatar is a detailed portfolio of your ideal customer. It focuses on every nitty-gritty that your ideal customer exhibits. When you create content or communicate with your audience, you need to keep the customer avatar in mind. For example, if your customer avatar is a working professional aged 28 years, imagine his/her characteristics and write communications as if you are having a 1:1 conversation with the person. This way you focus on the center, not on the borders.

Marketing is all about good conversation. If we can not have a good conversation of 1:1, then we can not have a good conversation for 1:Many. To understand it clearly, let’s imagine that you are talking to your friend. You are having a good conversation with your friend as you have a good rapport. The trust factor inherently is very high. Say, you are starting a business and you ask your friend to buy your product. The first thing critical to make a sell is to have a product-market fit and Targeting. If you have a product which your friend likes or need, you can easily sell it, provided you have mutual trust. Similarly, To build trust with your audience you need to have a 1:1 conversation with them as you have with your friend. Secondly, You need to be authentic to communicate better. People are really fed up with all the fake people with social personas. The more real you are, the better connect you can have with your audience. Thirdly, People with more life experiences are better marketers. Challenge your beliefs to break your strong opinions about things. This way you become more malleable and flexible as a marketer.

Now that you know how to be a better marketer, how do you decide who is your audience? If we target everyone, we end up targeting none. However, If you get our targeting right, then people are going to respond. So that’s what customer avatar is all about. We need to define our Target audience, define Demographics, and Psychographics accurately to reach out to the right customers.

What is the right way to communicate with Target customer?
Some basic hygiene which you need to adhere when you communicate to your target customers are given below:-
Communicate, as if you are having a conversation with one single customer at a time in simple language
Remember every audience is alone with their device. You are fighting to catch attention right away, by a 1:1 conversation
Email/Messaging is more powerful than social media. It helps build mental conversations at 1:1 rather than mass broadcasting
Have mental conversations with your audience. Begin your point by citing how you can solve their problems from start
Choose your message and words cautiously. The headline should encourage the audience to read the first sentence which in turn should excite them to read the third sentence and so on…Remember, the weakest link chain is the strength of the entire chain!

Happy Learning Folks!
Technically Pravash

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