Digital Marketing Skills

In this segment, you will explore all the Skills which will help you become an Expert Digital Marketer!

You are going to find everything you need to upskill yourself to start your Next digital Agency.You don’t need an office or staff to do it. Just you, your dedicated approach +Skillsomatic-Digital Marketing is enough.

In nutshell, You will be knowing about below:-

  • Fundamental Concepts- Know & Understand who your real customer is
  • Domain & Hosting- How to set up your own digital office with minimum investment
  • WordPress basics-How to set up your website in the shortest time with Plugins
  • Copywriting- Coming up with your first simple sales copy which attracts customer
  • Create Campaigns- How to run & manage Facebook & Google Ads which give results
  • Drip Marketing-How to deploy your Ghost to do business for you
  • Lead Magnet- Creating your First lead magnet to build your tribe
  • Branding- Creating & launching your own Logo absolutely Free
  • Technology-Setting up your free AI-backed Chatbot
  • Revenue- Monetize your Skills