Everybody loves a little bit of Magic. Especially, if it changes your life for good, nothing better than that!

Do you want to transform your body & mind? Do you want a change in your existing lifestyle? Are you ready to be an Action Taker and change your perspective on how you negotiate your life?

If your answer to any of the above is “Yes”, then believe me, what you are about to read ahead is going to make a real difference in your life from today onwards…Just stay with me till the end and you will know why?

We all want to lead a Happy, Wealthy and Healthy lifestyle. No matter what efforts we put in, each one of us wants to build few good habits. However, what makes or breaks a habit is the will power and grit to pursue it. For instance, taking a New year resolution every year and discontinuing it within a fortnight is quite normal for us as millennials.

I was no different! On a usual day, my daily chores included waking up late in the morning, rushing to office, skipping breakfast only to devour junk food later, drinking a lot of caffeine throughout the day, binge-watching Netflix/ Amazon Prime, doing dinner quite late and following it up with an unwanted midnight snack. Least of all, sleeping late was not an excuse for me anymore. I saw it as a luxury to my already stressful lifestyle. In the end, when I finally hit the bed at around 2 AM, I used to be engrossed in guilt on how I wasted one more day without working a bit on my self-development.

I am sure you can relate to what I was going through. Just like many of you, I too love to read motivational thoughts, watch inspirational talks on youtube to lift my spirit, though all short-lived and not of much use.

If you keep doing the same stuff, you will keep getting the same results

This quote indeed caught my attention! The interpretation of this quote helped me bring clarity to my mind as to what I need to do to improve my lifestyle. My mind was vocal -“If you really want to change your lifestyle, then you have to change the existing non-productive approach”. As they say, if your urge to do something right is strong, things will automatically start falling in place. This is when I got introduced to the “Art of Living(AOL)” by one of my colleagues. Though I already knew about AOL, Gurudev Shri Shri Ravishankar Ji and his immense contribution towards creating a better world, getting myself enrolled in one of his courses was never in consideration.

However, I was so desperate to make a change in my approach, that I decided to take a chance and join one of his online course for beginners: Happiness Program – By The Art of Living. I went into the program with absolutely zero expectation. Though I knew I may learn a trick or two, there were high chances that I may quit midway and end up with more self-guilt. However, the program was meticulously planned with just the right mix of short physical activities and knowledge talks. Somehow I persisted, completed the course and even followed it up with a 40-day challenge!

The 40- Day Challenge!

Finally, the Challenge is Done and Dusted with a Pinch of Pride! Results are glaringly visibly. Now, I usually wake up somewhere between 6-6:30 AM, start my day with 30 min stretching exercises, do few Yoga Asanas, a bit of Pilates and follow it up with the serene “Sudarshan Kriya”. It’s more than 40 days since I last sipped a cup of tea or coffee. No craving for junk food anymore. Dinner is taken sharp at 8:45-9 PM and finally, I manage to hit the bed by 11 PM. The quality of sleep has improved considerably, and I feel more energised throughout the day. How could I manage so much? What worked for me?

Research says, 21/90 rule is what we need to form a habit. The rule states that it takes 21 days to make a habit and 90 days to make it a permanent lifestyle change. Commit to your goal for 21 days and it will become a habit. Commit to your goal for 90 days and it will become a part of your lifestyle.

Long story short: Pick a small habit and build it over time. Do yourself a favour and learn a few asanas(more relevant in the current situation of restricted movement and social distancing). Learn the right breathing technique along with a relaxing meditation session. Stick to these rituals for at least next 40-day as a challenge. Remember, you are doing it for yourself and this is enough motivation to gulp!

Those of you who still have an excuse for a shortage of Time, here is a Sutra for you. Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Said: Don’t let the time manage you. First of all, you must see to it that you go with the feeling that you have time. When you put this thought in your mind that you don’t have time, then that itself becomes a block.

Everybody has only 24 hours, whether it is the Prime Minister or a clerk working in the bank. You have to hold on to this aphorism ‘I can do it’ because the pressure of time is more when you do not feel confident of accomplishing your work. Even when it appears to be impossible, even then you should have confidence. This very confidence that ‘I will be able to manage’ will take you through. And once something sets into your routine, then you have no problem.

Everyone takes out time to brush their teeth. This is dental hygiene, isn’t it? However busy you are, you don’t say, “I have to rush to the office” and jump out of your bed, wear your shoes and run. No! You take the time to brush your teeth, that’s dental hygiene. Similarly, I would say, take a few minutes of mental hygiene (meditation). When it fits into your routine, you’ll not find it as something you have to do extra. And that’s about it.

I am sure the entire read up was worth your time and will inspire you to take action starting today. Not least of all, I can’t thank enough my instructors Rohan Ji, Sukana Ji & Sumana Ji for setting me up on this wonderful journey.

Well, my Transformation story is still a work in progress, but I am already enjoying the process, and That’s the Key. Isn’t it?

Satisfaction is not at the end but in the pursuit!

Yours Technically,


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  1. Such a nice read Pravash😊 surely this will inspire many to experience the bliss that meditation brings along. Great going!!!

  2. As rightly said,it’s never too late to swing into action to do something for your ‘Mental Hygiene’.

    Do write some more blogs to inspire people on their journey to self enquiry.


  3. Thanks is very small word Rohan ji ,Sumona ji and especially Sukana ji. Kriya is not only make me happy but also reduce my stress, improve my confidence, strength and sleep, handling problem effiencintly and many more.

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