Top 4 Videos of September’20

Top 4 videos of September'20 which should be on your watchlist!

1) Content Creation Vs Content Marketing!

The Term 'content marketing' is getting used in and out, everywhere these days. Infact, a lot of things getting labeled as content marketing are anything but that.This short video capsule will establish the difference between content creation and content marketing- A fundamental concept which every digital marketer or organisation should understand before they embark on their Digital Marketing Journey!

2) The 7 Secrets to do Content Marketing in an Awesome Way!

Content Marketing is not an easy task. But guess what? I am going to reveal the Top Secrets of content marketing with you in this video capsule. Focus on these 7 mantras of different content types along with pro-tips which took years for me to research and learn!

3) The 7 Reasons Why You Need A Personal Website ASAP!

The digital world has spread its presence in every part of the world today connecting billions in just a click of a button. Its accessibility and reliability make it important to be connected to this ever-changing world to mark ahead of the competition in both professional and personal content.

A website allows you to stand out from the crowd as well as competition. Let me give you the top 7 reasons why you will regret not having your own personal website!

4) Ask yourself these 5 Questions before launching an APP or Website

Given the amount of time, energy and money that goes into launching a website or an app, do you want to make sure you’re doing everything correct to have the right debut for your product or offering in the digital space? Watch this interesting video and get your answers!

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